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No-Fault Civil RICO Defense

New York & New Jersey No-Fault Civil RICO Lawyers

We Focus on Civil Defense Cases

No-fault insurance policies are used to provide car accident claimants with medical benefits in both New York and New Jersey. Under this insurance rule, medical benefits can be provided and paid for by a claimant’s insurer before fault for the accident is ever decided or investigated. The medical provider will treat the patient and bill their auto insurance provider directly based on the patient’s necessary medical care. This is where the matter gets difficult, though, because many no-fault medical claims filed by medical providers to a patient’s auto insurer will be denied without valid reasoning.

To make matters even more complicated, insurance companies will sometimes file a fraud/civil RICO lawsuit to halt the no-fault claim in its tracks. The insurer might have no reason to file the claim, other than to trip up the medical provider and make them give up their pursuit of the owed payments. This tactic often works, too, because medical providers do not want to get stuck in court with an insurance company, especially if the payments they are owed are not steep.

At The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP, we think it is wrong for auto insurance companies to take advantage of claimants and medical providers alike. We proudly stand up for medical providers in New York and New Jersey who have been slammed with a no-fault civil RICO lawsuit by an insurer who is using the lawsuit disingenuously. We can defend you and your practice – whether you have a few support staff or are the owner of a statewide medical organization – from the lawsuit, and we might be able to turn it around and secure winnings for you, instead.

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Cost of Losing a No-Fault Civil RICO Case

If you have been accused of fraudulently seeking medical insurance money from an auto insurance company after treating one of its policyholders, then you could be faced with severe consequences. Losing the no-fault civil RICO case brought against you could mean paying three times the amount of money you have been accused of seeking or obtaining from the insurance company. For example, if you are charging the insurer $50,000 for all provided medical care, then the court could order you to pay $150,000 in damages.

Our no-fault civil RICO defense attorneys can help protect your future and finances by:

  • Using strong evidence to show that your medical treatments were justified.
  • Showing that all medical treatments were coded and priced correctly.
  • Proving that the insurance company has a history of fraudulent RICO cases.

With a successful defense, the court might dismiss the case against you. Additionally, the insurance company that tried to sue your medical practice could be ordered to provide the owed payments and pay for all legal fees.

Protect Your Practice – It is the Right Thing to Do

Far too often, insurance companies get away with filing no-fault civil RICO lawsuits against medical providers just to escape paying a bill. Don’t let your medical practice be disrespected this way and forced to pay a massive penalty for doing nothing wrong. Defend yourself with the assistance of our New York and New Jersey no-fault civil RICO lawsuit defense lawyers. The sooner you let us get to work on your case, the stronger we can make it.

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Meet Your Legal Professionals

Experienced Negotiators. Skilled Arbitrators. Aggressive Litigators.
  • Russell C. Friedman Photo
    Russell C. Friedman

    Founding Partner

    As a no-fault insurance lawyer in New York, Russell Friedman is well-versed regarding the state’s no-fault laws. He has assisted countless individuals, hospitals, healthcare providers, and practitioners with denied no-fault claims and collecting on billing related to car accidents. With more than 30 years of experience behind him, he has the skills and resources needed to address some of the most complex no-fault issues.
  • Bruce M. Klein Photo
    Bruce M. Klein


    Backed by more than 40 years of experience, Bruce M. Klein has provided high-quality healthcare consulting services to clients throughout New York. At Russell Friedman & Associates, he represents healthcare providers and carriers in no-fault regulation cases. In fact, he played an instrumental role in our firm’s work in obtaining clarification from the NYS Department of Financial Services that UB-04, the standard hospital billing form, is a bill in no-fault.
  • Charles H. Horn Photo
    Charles H. Horn


    Charles H. Horn is a New York healthcare consulting lawyer at Russell Friedman & Associates. A skilled litigator, he has tried more than 100 verdicts and has obtained numerous successful results. Backed by 18 years of experience, Attorney Charles Horn is very knowledgeable about cases related to excessive force, false arrest, and health-care related controversies.

  • David J. Zwerling Photo
    David J. Zwerling


    David J. Zwerling is a partner of Russell Friedman and Associates, and the managing attorney of our Hackensack, NJ office. Mr. Zwerling has served the people of New Jersey and New York for decades. Since beginning his career in private practice in 1990, he has been a partner for several law firms in the area. His background includes general civil litigation, high volume No-Fault/PIP Arbitration, civil rights violations and more.

  • Ron F. Wright Photo
    Ron F. Wright


    We at Russell Friedman & Associates are proud to work with a dedicated New York no-fault insurance attorney such as Ron F. Wright. When handling no-fault insurance cases, he is meticulous and driven to reach a timely resolution. He has represented numerous medical providers in claims against insurance companies, including those involving denied no-fault claims.
  • Erin S. Stamper Photo
    Erin S. Stamper

    Supervising Associate

    As a New York healthcare consulting attorney, Erin S. Stamper is dedicated to meeting the needs of the clients who seek our help. At Russell Friedman & Associates, she handles cases involving no-fault claims and drafting complex legal memoranda. Her proven litigation skills have translated into numerous successful results. In fact, she has successfully handled more than 75 no-fault trials and has resolved hundreds of others through arbitration.
  • Dara C. Goodman Photo
    Dara C. Goodman

    Senior Associate

    As a New York no-fault insurance attorney at Russell Friedman & Associates, Dara C. Goodman represents hospitals, health care providers, group practices, and surgical centers. Whether she is representing clients in arbitration or civil litigation, she is strategic and relentless throughout the entire process. Her strong writing skills have allowed her to write appellate briefs for some of the most complex no-fault cases.
  • Alexander H. Mun Photo
    Alexander H. Mun


    Attorney Alexander H. Mun, is a well-respected and knowledgeable health care attorney. Since joining Russell Friedman & Associates in 2012, Attorney Mun has successfully secured millions of dollars for the Firm’s health care clients in the collection of their no-fault claims, in both arbitration and litigation. Over the course of his career, Attorney Mun has successfully arbitrated and litigated thousands of no-fault claims.
  • Jennifer B. Strong Photo
    Jennifer B. Strong


    Jennifer B. Strong is an Associate Attorney at Russell Friedman & Associates. Attorney Strong joined Russell Friedman & Associates as a New York commercial litigation attorney in 2018, bringing her diverse background in litigation matters to our team, including matters involving complex Federal litigation.

  • Helen I. Feingersh Photo
    Helen I. Feingersh


    As an associate at Russell Friedman & Associates, Ms. Feingersh is the lead attorney on the Firm’s No-Fault Collections litigations. In this role, Ms. Feingersh is often called upon to take the insurance carriers to task at trial. Her zealous representation of the clients of Russell Friedman & Associates has led to thousands of dollars of settlements and trial awards to our clientele.
  • Andrew J. Ciccaroni Photo
    Andrew J. Ciccaroni


    Andrew Ciccaroni joined the law firm of Russell Friedman & Associates in 2019, having a diverse background in No-Fault Law, Personal Injury Law, Worker's Compensation Law and Commercial Litigation. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Ciccaroni has successfully argued cases in front of the New York City Civil Courts, New York Supreme Court and New York Appellate Divisions.

  • Phillip H. Kim Photo
    Phillip H. Kim


    Phillip H. Kim joined the law firm of Russell Friedman & Associates in 2019, having a diverse background in civil litigation including labor and employment litigation. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Kim has successfully litigated numerous labor and employment law cases on both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s sides, including matters involving the FLSA, NYLL, and ADA.

  • Ryan C. Woodworth Photo
    Ryan C. Woodworth


    Ryan C. Woodworth founded and managed a private practice before joining the distinguished team at Russell Friedman & Associates in 2019. Mr. Woodworth is excited to be working with the team at Russell Friedman & Associates to help healthcare providers receive what they are owed by insurers. His diverse experience and familiarity in assisting clients with insurance and disability payments bring a valuable perspective to our team.


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  • Fighting for Compensation

    We use negotiation, arbitration, or litigation to ensure medical providers are fairly compensated for their services.

  • Experienced Attorneys

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  • Client-Focused Approach

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  • We'll Fly to You

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  • Creative & Innovative Solutions

    No two cases are the same, and their solutions shouldn’t be either. Our attorneys provide creative points of view to yield exemplary results.

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You fulfilled your duties as a medical professional, and we believe that insurance companies should follow through with their responsibilities as well. Contact our firm to see how we can help.

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