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Are You Wasting Time and Effort on Stale, Unanswered and /or Unpaid No Fault Billing?

Let’s face it, no fault billing is a pain to deal with. And not just the billing, but the unnecessary follow up, the calls, the requests, all leading not to a payment, but a denial. To make matters worse, it is a paper system and the rules for appeal are different than any other class of insurance you deal with. Being a specialized coverage, finding competency in the staff being asked to collect after a denial is issued, or after you have answered all the questions raised and still not being paid, is a time consuming process. And identifying the stale bills, with no denials or payments, or no communication received for months on end, although possible, will only lead to a need to put a person on the project to try and get paid.

What if there is a better answer? What if a law firm, working on a contingent fee, is able to do the following for you:

  1. Handle stale bills and get a true status
  2. Advise you of what has to be done internally to receive payment
  3. Arbitrate and enforce your right to payment for bills wrongfully delayed, or denied.
  4. Provide the data necessary to answer most of the questions that may arise in the revenue cycle of the bill.
  5. Provide the next step in the event no fault is found not to be responsible for a bill.

The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP is a full service law firm with a specific identifiable expertise in the handling of and legal administration of matters arising from the billing to a no fault carrier. From secondary payment issues to forms in use, from verification requests to denials received, RFA has a proven track record in supporting the collection efforts of a hospital. But the firm is not limited to collection. It has been called upon to assist in compliance matters and consulting issues arising from no fault billing. RFA is the first to offer a course for hospital employees in the basics of no fault.

The numbers speak for themselves. The sole legal representative in no fault for the largest hospital system in the state of NY, as well as distressed hospitals, the firm has successfully resolved matters totaling $100,000,000.00 for its clients. The legal team is comprised of principals with a combined 50 years of no fault experience.

It does not stop there. Due to the efforts of the firm, matters that otherwise would not have been addressed by the Department of Financial Services(formerly The New York State Insurance Department), are brought to its attention in real time. The most successful effort to date is the issuance of a circular letter, which saved the current hospital billing process from being disallowed by the Courts on behalf of numerous insurance companies seeking to avoid payment. The firm is currently engaged in conversations with the Department on a broad number of subjects ranging directly affecting our hospital clients, including secondary payer issues.

In support of our clients financial reporting needs, The firm’s proprietary on-line portal provides reporting capabilities unsurpassed in the No Fault Legal Profession.