Examinations Under Oath (EUO) and Other Insurance Carrier Demands

When insurance carriers suspect that a claim may have been fraudulently made, they have a right to subject both the physician and the patient to an Examination Under Oath (EUO). The insurance company can request this EUO at any time before the claim is finalized. During the process, you will be sworn in under oath and the attorney from the insurance carriers will ask you a series of questions that they believe are relevant to the claim at hand. The answers that you provide will then be recorded, and the entire process may last several hours. If you are facing an EUO, seek the immediate assistance of Russell Friedman & Associates.

Our firm has successfully been able to avoid our healthcare companies from being subjected to unnecessary and unsupported requests for examinations under oath. We are the premier law firm in New York State representing all types of clients at EUOs and have successfully settled millions of dollars of disputed claims for our clients who were the subject of these EUOs.

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What Types of Questions Will I Be Asked?

While many of the questions that you will be asked may seem irrelevant and absurd, the EUO is very important. Information that is obtained can be used to determine the liability of each party and even be used to deny your claim. In addition to this, if you refuse to show up for the EUO, the insurance company can also use your lack of compliance as a reason to deny your claim.

Some of the questions you may be asked during an EUO may involve:

  • Your finances
  • Your employees
  • Your referral sources
  • Your contracts
  • Your insurance application

The Declaratory Judgement Actions Filed By Insurance Carriers Against Healthcare Companies

Have you been sued by an insurance carrier for the following:

1. Failure to attend an EUO?

2. Attending and EUO but not “fully cooperating”?

3. Attending an EUO and answering questions in a way which the insurance carrier decides your claims are not suitable for payment?

If so, Russell Friedman & Associates will represent you and your practice in fighting the issuance carrier for your right to be compensated for the healthcare services which your practice rendered to its patients.

Hire Our New York & New Jersey Healthcare Lawyers to Represent You

During an EUO, a representative lawyer of the insurance company will be asking you difficult questions that will have a major impact on whether or not your claim will be granted. Because of this, it is essential to have an attorney of your own representing your interests. Our team of New York EUO lawyers at Russell Friedman & Associates can help explain how the process works and fully prepare you for giving a testimony. We can also introduce you to the techniques and strategies that will be used against you, and represent you during the process itself.

For the quality legal assistance that you require to ensure your EUO goes as smoothly as possible, please give our team a call as soon as possible.

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