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  • Have You Been Advised by GEICO Insurance Company That a Bill Was Not Received? If So, Your Hospital Is Not Alone.

    Posted By Russell Friedman & Associates || 9-Oct-2015

    The law firm of Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP is representing hospitals, in which payment, correspondence or denial has not been received from GEICO Insurance Company. GEICO utilizes a remote location in Frederickberg, Virginia as an address for the submission of hospital bills related to no fault coverage afforded in New York State. It is believed that the mail center in Frederickberg, ...
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  • Are You Wasting Time and Effort on Stale, Unanswered and /or Unpaid No Fault Billing?

    Posted By Russell Friedman & Associates || 6-Oct-2015

    Let’s face it, no fault billing is a pain to deal with. And not just the billing, but the unnecessary follow up, the calls, the requests, all leading not to a payment, but a denial. To make matters worse, it is a paper system and the rules for appeal are different than any other class of insurance you deal with. Being a specialized coverage, finding competency in the staff being asked to ...
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  • Welcome Post

    Posted By Russell Friedman & Associates || 24-Sep-2015

    New York No-Fault Insurance Attorneys We at Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP would like to welcome you to our blog. We firmly believe that helping our clients be well-informed about their rights and options increases the chances that their cases will be successfully resolved. Our New York no-fault insurance attorneys bring decades of experience to each case they handle. Our approach to no-fault ...
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